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£12.99 best price new. I've ordered one I hear the 3D is stunning even though it's not native. 


Tried my first 3D blu ray (Dredd) and my tv wouldn't auto-detect the 3D signal. Setup is Sony BDP-S490 to Yamaha RX-A1010 to Panasonic 50GT50. 1.3 HDMI cables.

Notice a lot of blurring especially on tennis and face close ups, robot like. Any other owners with this? 

I turned on IFC and that corrected it to some extent. 

Been doing a bit of research on tv refresh rates, telecine techniques etc.

My Pioneer BDP-LX52 player is not 3D and I don't think I can afford to match it with a current equivalent player that has 3D. 

If you're prepared to wait 4 weeks this can be had here


for £7 pre-owned. 

Hi all

Just added a new subwoofer (Gemini ll) to my setup and need some advice please.