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Anyone got any experience of using Simple Audio products?  I'm specifically interested in any views on the Roomplayer 2 (without amp) as a source in a decent quality system.  It is a route I could

I'm sat here listening to music at a very low volume and thoroughly enjoying it and feeling really pleased with how far my system has come, particularly the huge pleasure that the Dynaudio speakers

Thinking of subscribing to this as it seems to be a bit of a treasure trove.  Anyone else out there already using it?

First of all, before anyone starts, this is a thread about general thoughts and not about my own system in particular.

Some of the discussion on another thread, concerning the Roksan K2 amplifier and then, by extension the K2 CD player got me thinking.  PP reminded me that I haven't always been completely happy wit


Just seen a printed Icon Audio advert in a magazine, which lists amongst some pre-owned equipment 2x Michelle Giro in VGC. 

The display has never been quite right on my K2 CD player and by the beginning of this year it was virtually un-readable in places.  Eventually I got round to contacting Creative Audio/Audio Expres

This isn't intended to be any sort of recommendation or review of the equipment I am using now but more a friendly reminder from experience.

Had a leaflet through the door today from Electricity North West.  They are going to be trialling a new system called CLASS - Customer Load Active System Services -  which 'will adjust the voltage