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I went to the HiFi News Show last week - great fun with some wonderful gear but mostly unaffordable for me (the PS Audio Sprout an exception at £650 for a Bluetooth integrated amp with DAC).

For those whose musical education began (and sometimes ended) with pop music, there's usually one standout record - great tune with lyrics you can personally relate to sung by a credible artist or

Today's Observer reports a University of Iowa study which found that paticipants' recall of audio recordings began to decline from just four seconds of exposure, much more pronounced than for video

I went to this show yesterday (a generous friend with a very expensive hi-fi paid for my ticket).  Pretty much everything there was out of my price range but still a fascinating experience.

If you have the time this podcast is worth a listen.

Is is too early to start wondering if Chebby's going to upgrade his speakers?

Can the Marantz 603 be used as a pre-amp?

If I remember correctly the Linn LP12 cost around £250 in the 1970s and now costs £2500 an increase of 1000%.

I'd welcome some ideas on choosing a system to sit on a 29cm deep shelf with a pair of Rogers ls2s in a 4 x 3m room. Source would be an IPad via a wireless router (in another rom).