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hi i have the panasonic 55vt65 tv i am trying to calibrate my tv for the best picture quality how do you get into the advanced settings mine is greyed out need help? :cheers:

Smile hi i am after buying a pair of rechargable 3d glasses for the panasonic 55vt 65 can

:cheers:  hi witch magazine did the panasonic 55vt65 group test winner appear in (what issue) thanks :cheers:

i have a oppo 105 american machine i plugged in a usb drive with xvid and divx files on it i tryed to playback the files but none of them work can anybody tell me why this is any way around it it s

:cheers:  at the moment i have a onkyo 5009 a old monitor audio rs6 av speaker package 5.1 rs6 fronts rslcr center rsfx rears additional rsfx back surrounds rs1 front heights and 2 rsw12 subs makin

hi i have the oppo 105 blu ray player will it read/play 4k blu ray discs thanks :cheers:

hi i have the oppo 105 blu ray player i want the very best picture quality from my oppo what would be the perfect partner tv would it be the

:cheers:  hi i have the onkyo 5009 and am going to get a old monitor audio rs6av speaker package  am going to use monitor audio rs6s fronts rslcr centre rsfx main rears rs1s front heights and addit

:cheers: hi if oppo is the king of blu ray players witch company is the king of home theatre speaker packages in peoples opinion ie monitor audio b&w paradigm etc want the best company for soun

:cheers: hi i need wall brackets to mount monitor audio rsfx rear speakers can anybody please tell me what brackets would fit the bill that i need need help asap please :cheers: