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Not sure if I have started this in the correct forum.

I have both these streamers available and want to make a comparison.

I'm after a good quality/value ground loop isolator that works, to place between the preamp and sub on the stereo line-in's rca phono cables. Any recommendations?


I don't know if I have put this in the correct forum or not.

I'm just wondering if their is a possible improvement on the Sonos Connect (ZP90) I am using.

Is their a sort of guide line for ratio of cost of a pair stereo speakers to cost of stereo amplifier?

I have also put this topic on the DAC forum. Has anybody here actually compared the 2 DAC's.

Has anybody here actually compared the 2 DAC's.

I currently have a Sony S363 blu-ray player which as part of my recent upgrade bug I am thinking of changing.

As the subject title says really.

Would the Monitor Audio GSW-12 subwoofer be a real noticeable upgrade on the BK Elec XLS200 Mk II subwoofer?

The room size is 7m x 3.6m.