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I have BT Vision setup on my TV. Is it possible to pick up the BT Vision playbacks on a TV in another room through the aerial somehow?

I want to connect AE to my HiFi from a Mac and iPad but my Audiolab amp does not have an AUX socket. Should I be able to play through CD or Tape input? So far its not working.

I have a new electrical installation in a new build property.

I have an old Marantz Amp which I would like to setup to receive Internet Radio/itunes etc from my iPad.

Having just purchased this TV I am having difficulty connecting to the Internet.

My old Toshiba CRT went pop with a nasty smell last night so I am in the market for a replacement. I would appreciate some suggestions for best available picture and functions.

I am intending to creat a new TV room. How good are projectors or should I stick with a TV for the best picture quality?