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Any recommendations under £100 - would very much consider 2nd-hand. Will be used 80% with iPhone 4S (using LOD cable) but would also want to connect it to home amp via line-out.

... the music.

Picked up this Hitachi tuner off ebay for the princely sum of £3.05 (plus 69p to replace a blown capacitor)...

Google the above - hilarious! 

(Seem to be having trouble posting you tube link)


After a lot of internet research, I had my heart set on a P50GT60B to replace the 32" Panasonic LCD that has done us remarkably well for the past 7 years (still going strong, but time for a bigger

I know there's a few people on here that love their watches so looking for some advice on repairs and servicing - specifically is it wise to send the watch the the original manufacturer (via the sh

Henry Rollins - not somebody I am too au fait with I must admit, but found this enjoyable article on the pleasure of listening to vinyl...