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and then Arcam release a whole barrage of new products. Don't know why they couldn't care less to highlight them on their website.

In one go:

New A39 amplifier,

Finally found a decent stylus replacement for my dad's Technics SL-Q202 turntable, and the memories came rushing back.

To the WHF team, do the S2s retain the beautifully tall soundstage of the S1s?

Read up the review of the Canton soundbase - but with no Dolby or DTS decoding it won't seem to improve dialog from movies or will it?

It seems you'll need an AV amp, or a DAC for audio since both only have an optical out , apart from HDMI?

Cyrus have announced the following:

'On 31st October, we're launching a completely new product - it's something Cryus has never done before' (that's indeed their misspelling).

Reading the website it seems the amp section is largely unchanged, and they've also seemed to miss a trick by not including a USB input for PCs. What do you think?