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Can this be fixed? It's impossible for me to post on certain threads.

Spotify functionality seems to be included on AV amps, blu ray players, kettles, toasters and anything else requiring electricity but I cannot see a hi-fi separate with it.

Got my first turntable i actually paid for

Listened to whf's reference system

Paid for spotify

Laboured over buying an amp for months

Bought an amp

Never really bothered with this in the past but decided to give it a go.

I think the general consensus is that it shouldn't make any difference but just wondering if anyone found it did?


Can anyone tell me what the logic behind this is. The volume is stepped in 1db increments from -80db to 0db.

I want to grab audio in audacity from my amp's tape out but the waveforms show that one is a much louder signal. 


I have a test tones CD which includes a stereo test. The voice goes left channel, left centre. centre, right centre, right channel.

I want to be able to read the contents of a USB drive on my android device.