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Decided it's time to sign the old Major off for the very last time. Last night's debacle put the tin-hat on it for me, and I've sort of been thinking about it all day.

While Mrs Fubar was visiting relatives in Scotland this past week I took the chance to dig out my underused Cyrus 2+PSX and try them with my EB Acoustics EB2 loudspeakers that I bought from Richard

I know there is a small but resilient group of us on here who are enthusiasts of older HiFi equipment, even are still using older HiFi equipment, even though manufacturers of new equipment would pr

There's four computers in this house: one iMac (mine), two Mac Minis (one used as a media server with the HiFi/TV, one in the boys' bedroom) and a HP laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium (Mrs Fuba

Hmm. Thought for the day.

A few people may have spotted that now and I again I post my own original compositions on here, just for the fun of it.

I love music. Even the genres I can't get into such as hip-hop and opera, I like that they exist and are part of music's wonderful, colourful spectrum.

I recently remixed and remastered a piece of music I'd recorded some years ago and I've had it uploaded to iTunes via a distributor. It's available on Google Play and on Spotify too.

I bought an iPad keyboard case for my wife's iPad at the end of April. The case pictured had a UK keyboard but the one I received (from a seller in England) had a German keyboard.

Found myself unable to resist this little fella I found on eBay. Sadly for him he's sat on a Thorens not a HMV: