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I'm looking to upgrade from my Yammy DSP AX-863

Hello everyone, and Happy World Cup Final day!

I'm looking for some advice about HDMI inputs and switchers feeding into my Yam AX863 amp (outputting to 5.1 speakers and TV).

Using PS3 as source, and yamaha 863 amp with B&W speakers, I was watching the BD of Black Hawk Down.

Hello all,

I've just had installed a brand new 5.1 system consisting of the B&W 685 Theatre package and Yamaha 863 amp. Source currently is a PS3.

I'm slowly convincing my girlfriend that we need to spend large sums of money on 5.1 and hifi.

Dear All,

Some advice please for a newcomer. I'm looking for AV receiver, 5.1 speakers and maybe a CD player to hook up to PS3 and 42" Panasonic PZ70 TV.