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Ive just purchased a Michell Syncro with Rega RB250 i hope to recieve it sometime next week 


As the title says I'm looking for the best headphone amp for my new headphones and as its not easy to try b4 i buy its essential to try and get it right first time.

Although I'm very happy with my set-up I'm interested to know how the RS6's would sound in my current system.

Im after peoples thoughts on the roksan and kefs would be a good match or should i stick with my Arcam A19 amp.

Hi folks

After purchasing the amp a week ago I've noticed that when I've finished listening i always put the amp into mute mode and turn the volume down.

Ive just purchased a pioneer A50 Amp to go with my Kef LS50 speakers.

im fairly new to hifi so this may like a daft question?