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Since I don't have twin hdmi outputs on my bdp, and I don't want to sacrifice the hd sound by going digital coaxial into Avr:


I recently purchased the bu ray audio version of Rolling Stones Grrr! album. Part of the reason for buying is because I wanted to compare the blu ray audio against sacd.

Just been watching the blu ray of the hobbit.

Looks like I have a serious prob with my NA7004, clocked a new firmware update yesterday and kicked it off. But it doesn't complete, stops with a error code 3A.

Given the issues experienced on Zinio, great to see a mail from pixel mags 1st thing this morning informing me the November issue available to download  :).

It's all well and good the new IPhone 5 being released, but spare a thought for my old 3GS, on Saturday I discovered it had appeared to have blown it's innards (pcba) out through the case!!

Just thought I would share the following. Have been using my PS3 slim as my main blu ray player for a couple of years and always wondered just how good it is, and was it worth upgrading?

Set up (high level) I have Sony DA5400ES av amp, with B&W 5.1 surround sound speakers that include 684's (front), M1's (rear).