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UPDATE: I've cracked it...at last. The little blighters took some pushing in but they are in. Thanks for your help.

Now the tiny bungs/caps are out I've tried pushing the banana plugs in but they won't go in, is there anything else inside that should be removed?

I;ve taken the tiny plastic caps off ok but not sure about wedging screwdrivers in there!

HELP!  I've just purchased a Cambridge Audio Azur 651A amp, and a lot of a new speaker cable with banana plugs fitted. There are a couple of tiny plastic things on the speaker terminals on the amp...

I am looking to replace some speaker cable and the longer length needs to go around what was an old (now bricked up) fireplace. I am looking at one of the QED series (Ruby Anniversary or the XT40)....

How about 'Listen To The Music' by Doobie Brothers or 'How Long' by Ace.

I am considering purchasing a Cambridge CXA60 amplifier. Does anybody know whether it would be possible to record using my old Sony Mini Disc recorder. I think playback should be quite simple, but...

I have a Cambridge Audio Azure 640 Amp that has developed a problem. When I go to turn it off via the ON/OFF button, the input selector just moves to the AUX/Phono selector and the unit stays on. ...

Thank you.

Just a quick question. Are all Blu-ray Pure Audio releases region free? I was going to buy a release from Canada (cheaper than the U.K.) and I don't want to get stuck an unplayable copy.  Many thanks.