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Passive volume control with remote handset - does something like that exist?

as Your submission has triggered the spam filter and will not be accepted I cannot answer davedotco why I've asked him to explain 'voicing' of an hifi component so here we are..

didn't want to spoil the top 5 favourite live albums of all time.. I'm not rock guy really so let's try with DJ's/ producers please

my go: 


illum sphere

... if someone say " cable direction is a controversial subject, but we believe it can make a difference.

Did anyone tried this service?

Press release looks promising:


Paris, October 24th 2013

are you in the situation where all your plans to upgrade your hi fi gone because you've spend all the money to buy music?

The plans to change my set up are now close to be true.. I've heard and liked AVI 9's with sub but have heard ATC recently ( SCM 11 with sub and ATC amplification) and was really impressed.

Have anyone got any idea where all the BBC podcasts gone from Marantz app?

ok, so I've got MCR510 now from tuesday.. sound quality compared to PM6004 with rDac? No difference at all. Simple as that. Tested with wide range of music on the same pair of speakers - Q300.