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For the last couple of months I have been focusing my attention on my current project, a β22 (beta22) headphone amplifier and σ22 (sigma22), its accompanying linear regulated power supply.

Thought this maybe of interest to some of you - I recently built an M3 headphone amplifier over the month of October last year - this is a log in a series of posts documenting the process.

Thought I'd start a thread dedicated to this quite popular DAC, as I'm aware of at least two other people on this forum using one, this would be a good place to share our impressions, experiences a

So, over the Christmas holidays I've been busy making a Valve Hybrid Headphone Amplifier - the Starving Student Millett Hybrid or SSMH for short.

At last I've finally got around to getting some pictures posted!

Firstly my computer based system -

This is my headphone system at the moment!

Yes, it's at the end of my bed...