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I own the Rega Brio, and shops here in Hong Kong get Elicit shipments in next week. I am planning a demo, and am hoping some people can share speaker combos they have tested or own.

Putting this out there in the hopes of getting some ideas for new additions to my collection.

I am researching home theatre packages - blu-ray players plus 5.1 speakers. Budget is around 300 to 400 British pounds.

Anyone heard the new Line Magnetic DAC? It's, I think, a Korean company based in China. No reviews on the interweb that I can find. I can get it for about 500 British pounds where I live.

My US$1,500 pc and same-priced external amp/speakers failed this test. I would imagine most speakers would  - what do you guys think?


Hi everyone, A dumb question perhaps but here it is: Is it bad for the signal to pass through two DACs? It can't be good to add a step in the chain, but is it especially harmful here?

Reaching out for help from Asia