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Hi, All my posts seem to have /* Style Definitions */ in them. Am i doing something wrong when posting?   Thanks - John

Aquired an LP12 this year, my first turn table, so started a vinyl collection from scratch, spent more than i care to think about, around 100 LP's.

chebby wrote: Has the vinyl gone forever? (Or at least the means to play it.) Linn still make the LP12 with all of its Many upgrade options, how many good turntables do you need.    - John.

Daveperc wrote: ...

100% vinyl. I do have a 8200CD but have not used it for ages. - John  

Hi, I have a Linn Majik I (30w) driving a pair of EB2's.The system is delivering more that enough volume for me and i think it sounds great, but will i get a better sound if i up grade to a more...