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Been listing to my naim muso for a a day two now and have noticed something, the stereo (yes the box does stereo quite well from 3 feet away) is the wrong way round, or is it? 

Have a large iTunes collection, mostly at 192, Then put what ever tunes I can fit onto my i things and steam my music to my hifi's via AXP,s, easy and sounds pretty good. 


I'm a a hifi man and know nothing of televisions and AV but need new, want a nice picture and some decent sound, not the best and don't want speakers and wire all over the place, so at the moment I

Just treated myself to some, new to headphones and impressed with my AKG 550's but as listen to mostly dance/electronic music i wanted better bass.


I use them if my amp has them, in fact I sold my pioneer a400 20years ago because I missed them.

Sorry cant work out how to  put pics  up so links for now.  Can some one please explain to me why system sounds so much better nearfield listing with speakers only 4ft apart in and alcove?  Like th


Just got back into vinyl and have a 20 year old collection that I really didn't look after.

Hi newbie here.


Running a Naim 5i - neat motive 2 system and wanting to get my vinyl playing again but at the moment i'm on a tight budget.