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Hello, I have a Naim Unitiqute 2 which plays through some Neat Motive 2 speakers.

Music is streamed to the Naim from a QNAP over ethernet via an Ethernet switch. 

I have bought some Neat Motive 2's and a Motive Centre to replace my RX1 and RX Centre in my system. 

Anyone wake up this morning to an email from Richer Sounds telling you a lot of the What HiFi Awards winners? Is this normal before anything officially released from What HiFI themselves?

This seems to have been discussed many times, but nothing seems to have quite answered my questions.

I'm starting to think I have too many boxes & cables and need to simplify. 


I'm an endless fiddler with my (HiFi/AV) equipment, obsessive about achieving the optimum sound with my limited budget.

Anyone heard the above?

Thinking of getting it but it is hard to work out if it will be an improvement on the DAC in my SB Touch.

Killing some time waiting on Oxford Street I popped into House of Fraser to look at the new Sony 55HX853 as I would like to get one sometime.

I am just wanting to know if the Chord Superscreen mains cable is strangling my Marantz SR7005 amp?

I listen to a lot of music on my system, anyone know if the Marantz will sound better than the Onkyo? I'm guessing the Onkyo will be slightly better with movies.