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Could anybody advise me please about the quality of the headphone output from either the Naim Unitiqute or Unitilite?  I've heard that some Naim products (such as the DAC V-1 and the Naim Nait XS)

Taking advantage of the free trial for Tidal, I decided to take the plunge today, so here’s an initial review from a few hours’ listening.  I was streaming from my iPad using Airplay to my Pioneer

I've owned the Pioneer VSX-2021 AV receiver since August 2012 and have been very impressed with its sound & features, until now at least.

My 3-year old Panasonic Bluray died last night.  Got stuck playing 20 minutes into a Bluray and refused to play any others I threw at it.    

I thought I'd dip my toe into Bluray Audio.  My first two experimental discs arrived this week.  Technically that's not true, because I do already have a few music Blurays, but they have the video

The DAC thread seems a bit lonely, so I'm trying this one instead...


I'm considering the above primarily for headphone use.  Although I'm a long-time hifi fan, I'm a bit clueless when it comes to headphones.


I'm hoping somebody's already figured out a solution to this one!

I'm after your experience, thoughts & advice please!