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i have the tannoy mercury fc centre speaker and to be fair i am quite happy with it.
all the rest of my surround speakers are tannoy.

i have a sony strda2400es receiver and every hour or so the sound and picture drops out for about 1 second.

posted this on the forums so more people can see and air there views

this article is a load of garbage its just hype from samsung.

i want to buy a Sony BDP-S185 for my bedroom as all my films are now on blu ray.

hi ive seen this on amazon for £380 is it worth it?

qed signature hdmi are they 1.4 compatable or not.


the qed website is unclear its just says supports future tech and is not definite


going off sonys usual yearly product range they usually improve each model only slightly but still improvement.

i need a new subwoofer cable.

two options qed reference or chord cobra 3.


both are 5m in length and not much in price.

im getting the reference cable for my main set up but i need a cheaper one for the dvd recorder.

 i know the performance is an improvement over the hdmi p but the

qed hdmi sr or qed reference which is best

the qed sr is the older silver reference and the new version the qed reference is supposed to be improved.

 is it?