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Considering ordering a TV from Amazon? You may want to read this

Finally got around to having the TV properly wall mounted, adding extra sockets for each bit of kit, cables under the carpet/in the wall etc. Mrs H is happy as there's not a cable in sight!

Turned the Sky box on last night and had the new look TV Guide. Looks really good.

Hi all,


has anyone had to get a ZP repaired, and if so, know what it costs and who does it?

... now on Play store. Helooooo 320kbps!

Morning all,

my old sub died recently and I've ordered a BK Gemini 2 - seems to be a bargain. Although it isn't here yet, I'm after a bit of advice on connecting it. 

No debate on the merits or not of one cable over another please...


Potentially dumb question; can speaker cable degrade? What are the risks of buying used from eBay?