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Hi experts. I'm currently in the Middle East (KSA) and with only a few audio retailers here.

Good day, experts. In Audio/video terms, what does the following means:


1. Bright sounding

2. Warm sounding

3. Dull sounding


Hello experts. As I lived in the Phils.

Good day experts. I am currently using a Marantz NR1402 A/V receiver as the center of my A/V rig. As i want to have a dedicated stereo rig, I plan to add the Marantz MM7025 amp.

Good day, experts. I need your help in connecting my Marantz NR-1402 A/V receiver to my Sony BDP-S370 blu ray player? My TV is a Sony EX-52 LED TV.

Hi everyone. I am planning to buy my first ever blu ray player. However, I am looking for one which has 2 HDMI out 'coz I plan to use it as 1.) Blu ray/DVD player and 2.) cd player.

Hi folks. I currently have a Yamaha RX-V440 A/V receiver hooked up to a Polk Audio TSi-300 speakers.

Hello everyone. I currently have a Marantz NR-1402 A/V Receiver paired with a Polk Audio TSi-300 floorstanding speakers. I feel that the speakers lacks bass.