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I have the 50A running a pair of zensor 7's and can't fault the thing. You can't go wrong with it if you shell out for it.

The added weight will improve the stability a bit but unless the glass is real thick you'll still be going back to your old "woody" eventually IMO ...

It's the glass shelves for sure. Coming from wood you're definately going to notice.

I think your room is just too big for the A19. Try borrowing a more powerfull amp and see how it goes. Try the creek destiny 2 or arcam a38 and see how it goes with them. I'd say it will definately...

I think the 3's have the 6.5" driver from the zensor 7. The z5 uses smaller ones, from the zensor 1 i think. I listened to both the 5 and the 7 and 5's sounded smaller with less bass....

I've got the 7s and i find them awesome for their price. I listen to a little bit of everything and they can definately rock it out if needed....

From your list i would choose the creek 5050. I've got the newer 50a and i like it alot. I bet it's the same sound for the older 5050.

Thanks guys. I'll try to find an audition somehow. Most shops don't stock these here as they're pretty expensive and would just sit on them for months. There's nothing mini about those ushers 

I find the cabinets of both pretty daft. They need to look the part also if i'm gonna spend this much on them.

Definately snap some pics when you get'em. Those epicon's are gorgeous :rockout:   Wouldn't you need monoblocks for those though?