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Dear ALL


Could someone inform me how IWSE is it to use as surround and rear-sorround ( and height speakers), the CENTER SPEAKER?


Thinking of adding the media center to my a/v setup.


Has nayone got any viewes suggestions?



Dear all

I am thinking of adding two center channel speakers (either JBL studio 520 or JBL LC2) as rear/side surround speakers.   The other oprion is floorstanders...

Dear all

My question is:

Would I ★★★★ my system if I use 8 ohms speakers for mains and center with 92dbs and my back and side rears with 6ohms and 88dbs specs?


Dear Alll

What is the actual frequency range in any movie (hd/thx) that the 1. Surround and 2. Rear surround speakers must handle?


Could someone from their experience or knowledge suggest a stand for the JBL LC2 speaker. I know that these can be wall mounted but I prefer to put them on stands.


My question for you is will I over do it with 6mm speaker cable rather than 4mm or 2.5,or 1.5?



I know that most of you would argue that speaker wires do not make a big difference in the setup. But if you were to buy a set of speaker wires which one would you choose:


Sorry if this thread might have come before....

Could someone advice for short interconnect (1m) between amp and cd source ( JBL HK990 & HD990) which is the best setup?