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What would you choose if you would not need to pay for your hifi streamer, amplifier, speakers, cables etc ?

Neat and Naim apparently work well together.

Hi everyone, I bought a couple of days ago an Internet Radio from Technisat. It is connected via Toslink to my Linn Unidisc SC.

I heard today about rumours Pioneer will stop soon production on plasma screens and will introduce soon LCD screens. Does anybody know more about this?

The support desk of Arcam is really a good and very friendly helpdesk. Unfortunately they could not sort out the problem I am facing with dolby digital 2.0.

being on holiday right now I cannot buy the new february issue of what hifi. But I am very curious to know what your verdict was on the solo movie 2.1 Could somebody tell me please ?

I have noticed that in your what Hi Fi issue awards 2007 the Pro Ac D 15 have disappeared from your recommendations. In the july issue you still rated these speakers with 5 stars.

for all fans of exellent digital tuners Restek made a fantastic DVB - S tuner which sounds much better than FM or DAB. The price of this high end product is Euro 990.

What AV receiver do you prefer for 2 channel hifi sound ? Marantz SR 8002 Yamaha RX -V 3800 Onkyo TX-SR 905 Denon AVR 4308

 as I have seen on the web side of Pro Ac new interesting speakers have come out:

the Tri Power   and

the D 2

Has What Hi FI planned to test one of these models?