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Hi, I'd be interested to hear from users who own large amps (similar to mine) and which equipment racks they use?

Hi All,

Just wanted your opinions on suitability of amplifiers to partner my KEF LS50:

MF M6i - too powerful, too higher price bracket?

After a year of reading coutless speaker reviews and seeking advice from forum members I finally went for the KEF ls50.

Morning All,

Does anyone own or have heard the Sonus Faber Toy Towers in action? Could you share your thoughts?


Hi There,

Has anyone used a pre and power amp combo using different manufacturers for each i.e. Primare Pre Amp & Roksan Power Amp?

Is it the done thing?

Hello Friends,

I auditioned some speakers over the weekend:

PMC 21 - detailed, clean, lean but lacked bass weight and richness

A quick question hi fi friends ... if you owned the same set up as me and you had £1000 to spend on speakers what would you go for?


Hello all - I'm thinking of ditching the integrated and using the MDAC with a power amp - has anyone experimented with this approach?

Budget is around £2000 max.