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if anyone interested

 Just bought a TDAI 2200 RP for my office system. 

Will it have enough quantity and quality of power to drive the new curved SCM19 or classic SCM20SL?   :?


Has anybody listened to those yet?  :wall:

i'm sure it would be interesting one.

especially compared to active ATC they praised so much in a review back then.

i'm sure they sound fine, but what about looks? a curved brick with drivers.



interesting to know how the new models are different, if any better, than the original CD-1 / TDAI 220..... :?

how to choose the best sounding electrostat / magneplanar?

any dealers that stock all 3 brands?


Hi all..!

what is the music playing in the backround?


Hi all,

Seems to be the same speaker, except scm20 weights much more...