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When I was 18 , a long time ago now!, and I was working part time in a restaurant earning a meagre £4 per hour I saved up for what seemed like ages and bought myself a Musical Fidelity A1 Amp which

Its a long story but it all started when I was looking for some new speakers for my home office set up. They needed to be small and not to fussy about placement as they sit on my desk.

My avr 400 has just come back from being repaired at arcam. Since it's return I can't get it to remember the video and audio settings for each input.

Just wanted to share some thoughts on my experience on the effects speaker positioning can have.

Originally my speakers were a bit close to the wall and very slightly toed in. 

This is how it's set up right now.

Well after some serious saving up I am almost finished with my set up. The challenge was to have a great 2 channel set up for music and a good AV set up for films which I think I have achieved.