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Hi anyone partnered Musical Fidelity M1 PWR etc, and the LS50's?

Was also thinking of maybe ATC SCM11's but yet more money....

I'm sure ten or fifteen years ago five stars was plenty.SQ,build quality,features and price and you were done.

Just leap into 3D this week.Picked up a new Pioneer BDP 450 player and two 3D discs.Played the first one,Coraline,with no problems at all in 3D.Then for the main event Thor 3D!

Hi,i'm desperately looking for a MF X-DAC V8.They come up now and then on Ebay,but i'm always too late! :doh:

Hi,i've taken all my components out of my rack today and used a premium grade automotive wax on the casework.The wax i've used is a black,coloured type that enhances the black casework.

Ok,this is the first time I've tried this and I haven't a clue where I've gone wrong.I went to iTunes,converted a couple of dozen songs to Apple lossless then put them into a new folder.Then I form

I just did a firmware update on my 'ol 7004 and I think something has gone woefully wrong!

Over the last year or two there have been a few 9.2 (or even 11.2) receivers released.I don't hear many people talking about using them though,so if you have got a 9.2 system up and running would y

I just purchased a pair of stellar looking PM1's and unpacked them on my lounge floor.First I assembled the matching stands,screwed the speakers to the top plates,carefully laid them down with thei