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My Speakers are the neat ultimatum mf5 which claims to have specs of

MF5 response @ +/-3dB is 28Hz - 40kHz. The typical - 6dB point in the bass is 22Hz. (from BOB of neat)

Is there any? A friend was asking me this, and he wants to put an audio system in a 10mx5m room with no knowledge and experience whatsoever  :wall:

Just read alot of thread about streaming and wants to learn more. Now i have a mac mini connecting to a dac ( nad m51).

Im currently using the neat ultimatum mf5 with a densen b200 pre, and b330 power amp. Was wondering if biamping would improve the quality of the overall system.

As stated in the title. Thinking of getting a TV for my "mancave" and was wondering if actually it will effect the sound of speakers in a bad way?

My main system purchased has been done Smile Its actually

Have been travelling around auditioning for speakers for budget between 2k-5k for my 6mx4m room.

I will be having an audio room sized 6m x 4m and im able to put the speakers on either walls. Totally new but i have an audio research sp16 preamp and audio research vs115 poweramp (both tubes).