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Hello, I've recently got my first display that has frame interpolation and wondered what other people's views are on this technology

Hello, Hoping someone may be able to provide the benefit of their experience in a similar situation. I have an Epson TW EH3500 and I've been pretty pleased with it over almost 3 years.

Hello. Hope someone may be abke to offer their experience on this.


Thought my experiences may be of help to others.

Hello, just thought I'd offer some further feedback on this after a cople of months of ownership.


Recently got one of these and thought I'd provide my thoughts in case anyone else is considering one.

In a fair few threads, mainly related to TVs recently, there has seemed some confusion on what the 'rules' are on faults, so I thought I'd share what I found out when I had a faulty sub a couple of


Hoping someone wioth experience may be abl;e to help me please.


Sorry, latest in a flurry of questions from me at the moment.