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Hypothetically, you have £5k to burn on a completely new (or S/H items if you prefer) stereo system. What would your choices of equipment be and why? (Including stands, cables, plinths etc)

I'm new to the concept and it sounds wonderfully convenient. I was just wondering which products people on here have used and can specifically recommend (Or tell me to avoid).

Got around £100 to use on a transport (Don't currently own a seperate DAC), I'm happy to go second hand but I was wondering if going down the Blu ray route would yield noticeably lower results, son

I've acquired a pair and I've no idea which direction to take with partnering kit. I'd like to keep it below the £200 mark if possible and I'm happy to go second hand. 


Afternoon all,

I was just wondering what piece of music you guys love to play through your systems that really stands out (Any particular high quality recordings?)

Morning all and merry Friday!