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Ever since I bought my Sony Xperia Neo, I've seen Android reboot when it feels like it. It happens every 3 or 4 days and there doesn't have to be an app runnning to trigger the reboot.

I found someone selling a pair of these Castle Compact Column speakers and was wondering what you all think about them.

I just bought a Sony BDP S370 Blu-ray player and have it connected to my Denon avr1909 receiver, which then send the signal to my LG 26LH2000 hd ready tv (with 1366x768pixels).

I'm planning on buying a Blu-ray player and I've been checking prices and websites for a few days now.

I used a Chord Cobra3 to connect my dacmagic to my receiver for some time, but since that interlink was only 50cm long, I had some placement-issues on my rack.