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I can't find the forum search function, has it gone or am I being to stupid to find it?

When i type "clic" into the search box it just returns answers in "news" not the forums

I will be moving soon to a house with no FM arial and possibly no good FM signal so maybe it's time to embrace internet radio and sell my beloved MF A5 tuner.  I don't want to rely on using my lapt

I may have £2k for an upgrade. I enjoy my system but I would like to improve some areas and am at a loss whether to replace the amp or speakers, or even buy a new DAC.

In planning an upgrade logical steps would be an M6i amp, maybe M6 DAC and new speakers (or even a good sub to underpin my GS10s).

This isn't about kettle leads hence the new thread instead of getting mixed up in the other discussion.

Sorry if I've missed a FAQ

Does a streamer offer any SQ or usability benefits over a laptop, with hi res audio files and internet radio connected by USB cable to a good quality DAC? 

I enjoy R3 etc on FM but DAB only stations like Radio 6 don't give me the sound quality I would like, despite my DAB tuner and roof aeriel being as good as it gets,.

Another great show tonight: John Paul Jones Session

I'm looking at internet radio options as an alternative to upgrading my FM tuner. This would depend on Radio 3 320k web feed.

Just working through latest batch of CDs from Amazon makes me realise how much I enjoy listening to my system - sometimes it's too easy to get carried away with a percieved need to upgrade.