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I am considering replacing my 32" Sony tv with a 40-42" within the next few months.

A brief summary of my Unilite audition at my local hi fi shop.

I have been thinking of changing my separates for the convenience of an all-in-one system, namely an Arcam Solo. Do you think this would be a sideways move or an improvement in sound quality ?

I cannot watch any of the videos on
All that appears on the page is the spinning flower, which goes around & around forever, the videos do not load.

Hi, my bedroom, which is in the attic, measures 17ft x 10ft. At one end I keep my Sony 32EX503 (would like to upgrade to a Sony 40HX723)on a glass stand.

I am undecided about buying the latest issue of WHFi - if allowed could someone tell me the make & models in this months 32" Supertest to help me make up my mind ?


This year, very soon, I am hoping replace an old 21" crt with a 32" tv

I have narrowed it down to 5 models all with Freeview HD as this is available in my area.

A few days ago I saw the Sony 32EX403 in a well known store. The colours looked ok but the picture on SD looked a little soft. The HD picture was more vibrant & detailed.

With Humax announcing that a Freeview HD box will be available within the next few months how much do you think/would you be prepared to pay for such an item ?

Well a great review for this set. On the Sony website it states that the 40" version uses only 88W.