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I very rarely use this site but did notice today a listing for a Nexus 6 at £800 (bargain not!) , but I was annoyed at the listing stating it was a Pre-order (completely false ) and would be shippe

Another old school rock/blues legend passes on - Alvin Lee RIP


RIP ,  Every rock fan will know your name.

Looking to convert some camcorder tapes to PC/DVD bought a cheap capture adaptor ad downloded Golden Video S/W but couldn't get sount to work.

Yesterday my wife took a call from alledgedly from my insurance re accident 2 years ago to close the case she told them to call back when I was at home.

Taken his last ride on the bad motor scooter , sad a great guitarist and influential to many.

Giving all the bad press these guys get regarding service , I must give credit  - I was expecting hastle when I took in my faulty SAT/NAV received as an xmas pressie (thing kept switching off) but