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Being in the market to replace my four year old cheap sony player, this one interests me as

Has anyone got any experience of using a Dragonfly and connecting between a laptop and amp?

Out of the blue last week whilst playing an album, the tt/cartridge started to skip about 40% of the way through the side.

....a clue on how you get the caps out of the rear terminals on a pair of Monitor Audio R90s?

Forgive the double posting but as I didn't even know there was an accessories page I thought that I'd try posting the link here.

This isn't so much a question, more a beef about the content of this web site!

Hello boys n girls,

As part of my process of looking at new (AV) speakers, I've been doing some web searching on a couple of ranges that I'm considering.

When I turn my blu ray player on this has just started to appeared on the TV screen, I've unplugged everything and it still appears; 


I've now emailed them twice in the last three weeks and not had a response to either. Poor 0/10 so far! |(