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Do you know any website that has forums (similar to this website) that can solve queries on video cameras?


Any help appreciated!


I have a few AVI HQ videos on my laptop (stored on hard disc), but I want to transfer these videos on to playable DVD format for my smart TV (via a Blu-ray player).



I have taken some videos using my iPod Touch 5th Gen, and I have then copied & pasted the videos onto a DVD+RW disc.



I've recorded some videos from a camera and it's recorded on an AVI format, but I want to view this on Sony LED smart TV via a DVD.



I've recently recorded a AVCHD video with audio, but when I plug it into the Blu-Ray player, only the video can be viewed, but there's no audio.


I have a Samsung Windows7 laptop and I want to play the videos inside my laptop and PROJECT it on my Sony LED Smart TV.



I recently bought a Sony KDL-40HX853 40inch TV.

Everytime I want to watch a programme on BBC iPlayer, iPlayer takes a long time to buffer a video. 

My problem is:-

I bought a new Sony TV (KDL-40HX853) and assumed it can upscale DVDs (movies) automatically, but I have 2 questions:-

Can it upscale automatically on (underlined below) :

I recently brought a new SONY TV (KDL-40HX853) and watched 2 DVD's on a Panasonic Blu-Ray Recorder (DMR-BWT720EB).