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bought 1m lenght one for 14.95 from rs..this is as good as it gets i think..cheap as chips :clap:

i recently changed the jumpers on my new Nad amp with the shortest possible interconnects -13cm gotham gac-1 from e.b.

back in the summer i decided to start from a scratch again and after some soul searching,reading,demoing,chopping and changing i settled on the following system.now i know this is not everyones cup

which one of the nads c542,c545 or c565 together with the c352 amp will be best for metal and riff oriented rock pls?good bass as timing and punch are  essential.. :rockout:

 Nad T567?

hi there,in the last 3 months i've spent countless hours reading helpful info from all of you guys and decided to seek an opinion today,as english is not my first lingo,please excuse any mistakes m