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Not sure if this is the right place to post this question but here goes.

Firstly I know about the legal standpoint on this so it's one for the near future.

I think I need to replace an old systemdek turntable as it's starting to make some strange noises when turned on, the suspension is also bouncing rather a lot.

OK, so I now discover that I can use a Linn DS-i as a source for streaming.  I am not overkeen on the Linn amplification so I am looking at either a pre/power amp or an integrated to match, along w

I am seriously thinking about buying a pair of Martin Logan Purity speakers as I really loved the clarity of them.

I am looking to get new speakers, floorstanders only, and possibly a power amp to see if I can get more bounce from a Linn Majik DS-i.

I have a sturdy turntable shelf, the kind that bolts to the wall, Unfortunately, someone borrowed the wooden board that the turntable sits on.

Can anyone tell me the best bluray player for under £100.  When I say the best, it's really for upscaling dvd's really with the added bonus of having a bluray player in the mix.

Does anyone remember those stick on rings that you stuck to the label side of a cd to increase it's mass and therefore making them spin at a more uniform speed.

I am about to have a Linn DS-I installed in the house, I would like to control the amp and NAS using an iPad.

First off, may I say that I am not ashamed to shed a tear occasionally.