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Some of it is especially the stuff either made or assembled in China.  On the other hand you get the stuff that is priced very highly in order to appeal to the rich who may think they're buying...

How much profit does B&W currently make?  I think the new owner will be looking at easy ways to increase profits and the easiest way is to get rid of the single biggest expense, the work force...

keeper of the quays wrote: ...

No, I listen to internet radio.

Not sure you could fit the contents of my amp in a narrow box but I do like the size of the Naim UQ2.  I suppose it comes down to whether you could get the same performance from a half width case...

My system sounds best when the neighbours go out.

Were you aware what cables were in when listening?  If so then I'm going to have to politely discount your observations. Ive seen blind tests where people didn't know and they couldn't tell.

Any comfortable headphone would be fine for those who wear glasses.  Add Sennheiser to your list as they are renowned for their comfort.

If you're in a really noisy environment then noise cancelling makes sense.  If it's not that bad then I'd agree with the HD650.  I certainly don't find an issue with noise and they being open backed.

Since I've ripped all my CD's to a NAS?  Never.  Because it's so easy to scroll through your alphabetically ordered file list to see if you have it or not.  Convenience.