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how to go around cleaning my turntable and subwoofer, with out adding scratches

sorry if this is a little off topic on this from !


I’m looking to buy a DAC around the £100 mark to go with my kit; I’m a student with a low income but feel my system would benefit with one. 

I’m currently looking at;

£1000 pound for a subwoofer what to buy ? 






looking for a musical and hard hitting bass for my equipment below !

Do they make your amp sing a little bit better and are they worth the price tag of 40/80 pound 

Any one tested it out I'm hopping to my self soon. 

Any subs rival this at the price point, is bk elec worth time to look

im looking for a good subwoofer around £500 - 600 (less the best) 

my room size is around 2700 cu.ft  


Hello I'm a student with a addiction to hifi equipment and is looking to get the best for money

At current i have monitor audio BR2 connected in to a Harman/Kardon HK3390