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Hey guys, I love the sound of my current setup but after reading a fair chunk of stevebrock's thread I'm curious. Would anyone know if this amp would be a worthwhile upgrade for me?

Hey guys, I have been using my computer connected to a Rega DAC via digital coaxial for a while now and have come to the conclusion my old NAD 545bee connected to my DAC way out performed my PC.

Hello all,

I currently have an old DMP-BD30 panasonic bluray player that i want to upgrade. It plays up a bit and is rediculosly slow.

Hello all,

Does anyone know if its possible too rip my cd collecion to itunes in apple losless, then transfer those albums to my iphone in mp3 320?

Got the urge too show off Smile picked up a Brio-R today for home demo, love it that much

Hey everyone, I'm looking too buy myself a dac ASAP as i have so much digital music and am finding myself using my computer a lot.

Hey all, came across one of these on ebay Marantz PM-KI Pearl Lite. Was wondering if it would be a decent upgrade for my current hifi and whether it would be a better than the NAD C355bee?

Hi all, just went down to the local market and came across one of these with the matching tuner, was wondering if anyone has heard it or knows whether it was a good amplifier in its day?

Hey all, came across the Arcam on the bay was wondering whether this would be an upgrade to my current setup?  Its going for a quater of its original Aussie retail price which i think seems quite r