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Hello, i want to buy a pair of headphones and i want to choose between these models. I know they have very different price tag, but ex650 have won product of the year award.

Hello. Are you going to review klipsch x11i? Could you compare them with shure se425? Thanks a lot

When are you going to release the review of the new B&W headphones? Is in the new  november issue? Thanks a lot.

I'm very interested in B&W A5 becouse A7 is too much powered for my bedroom. Have you plans to review it? Can anybody that has  listened it talk about it? Thanks

Hello i want to buy a speaker system for my bedroom. My sources will be mac computers and maybe an iphone(this is not necessary).

Can someone help me to decide between audyssey south of the market and bose soundlink? Another suggestions? Thanks!

Hello. Some has or have tried the new HeadStreamer from Hrt? are you going to review it in next issues of your magazine?

What is your recomendation? And between sr325is and HF-2?

What is your recomendation? And between sr325is and ps500?

Hello i have to choose between those speaker. Both sound great but mm-1 can use its internal dac...but only 16 bits dac and my imac have 24 bits dac.