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I see that the new matantz player has an in built spotify function.question is can the marantz play and individual playlist in a randon order.  Had the Onkyo TX8050 a while back and it would only p

What I’m really looking for is a source device that will play spotify and internet radio independent of the computer being on or of. The router is always on.

Seen an Arcam 9 amplifier for sale at a good price. Familiar with the arcam 5 amp but found it a bit lacking at lower volume levels and also a bit reserved with livelier tracks.

Was looking at a set of speakers and they were described as an unmatched pair. Would like to know what this means and would it be significant in practice.


been taking a look at Castle Knight 1 speakers which are rear ported.  Saw in another review that it was suggested that they like a bit of space.  The most I can give them is 12 inches from rear wa

At present using a Talk Electronics Storm 2 amplifier (£650 12 years ago). It produces a small buzzing sound through the speakers when it comes out of standby.

At present cd player is a marantz cd48. Amplifier is a Talk electronics storm 2(replaced a rotel 931).

About to upgrade my amp at moment. Already rejected yamaha s500 and Rega brio 3. Looking to Rotel 04se or marantz pm6003 (if new).
At moment back on rotel 931.

Not to familiar with the products on the market and what they do.

Hi looking for a suitable speaker for for a Marantz cd48/Rega Brio 3 combo. Had dali Lektor 2 speakers .