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Can anyone recommend  a suitable (and half decent £50-£60)  HDMI cable for  hooking up a Panasonic DMP-DBT 300EG  Bluray player to a  50VT20 TV.

After 3 long weeks I have just got  my 2310 back from Denon, after the amp circuit had failed.

Includes the likes of 10,000 BC (dumb but good visuals)  for £4.98,  and Starship Troopers (daft but fun) for a paltry  £3.98, all brand new. 

Seem to recall  queries and debate about whether WHSV would be doing a group test in the near future.

Has anyone managed to programme their Harmony One to control the S760 yet?

 I am thinking of using the R45 HDs as ' front height' channels in a 7.1 set up.

MA R45 HD spec is :-

I'm looking to upgrade from  KEF 2005.2  package to give an improved music performance.

WHF 5 Star rated dock - 69.99 (£30 off) at Currys Digital. Bought one on Wednesday, remarkable  sound from a tidy dock.