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Hi all, I'm in need of new speaker cable, going from my PM6004 to me Monitor Audio BX5s.

Hi all, a few questions.

I'm after a LED tv in this price budget. 55in ideally. 


So here's my PM6004, with my RP3 and MA BX5's Smile

Simple question really.


would the phono stage on my PM6004 be up to the job of being used with a Rega RP6? Or is a separate phono stage ideal? 





id like to stream music to my hifi from my iPod touch 3rd gen, and ipad2. 

I have a Marantz 6004.


Hello all.

The mrs doesn't like the fact that my speaker spikes go into the nice carpet. :cry: , however she is fine if I choose to stands the speakers on a base.

Hello everyone.

I had Ny turntable delivered today, with the performance pack fitted.

Hello all.
I bought my first turntable today, the Rega RP1 with performance pack.

I've never bought vinyl before, and I'm just asking for any helpful tips really...