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Looking to replace my 13 yr old computer speakers, I fancied getting a pair of active speakers and setting a budget of say £100.

My daughter's boyfriend is just about to purchase a new Apple computer and asked me to recommend some pc speakers to go with it - ideally around £50-£100.

I have a Technics direct drive SL-QD2 which I purchased way back in 1986 and which is still in very good condition.

Over the last year I have been puttung together a Monitor Audio BX2 5.1 system with only the subwoofer to purchase.

Has anyone had a problem where their Onkyo TX-NR609 will not connect to a network?

Mine keeps freezing at the NOW INITIALISING stage.

Last week I auditioned Rega's RS3s and Tannoy's DC6Ts. Didn't get to listen fully to the DC6Ts so arranged to take home last weekend the RS3s and next weekend the DC6T's.